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Why an electric tricycle for adults
Why an electric tricycle for adults
An electric tricycle is an electric bike with three wheels that is equipped with an electric motor, also known as pedal support.
A traditional tricycle has two parallel wheels at the back of the bicycle, but these can also be mounted at the front. The degree of (pedal) support can be chosen from different levels. This can help a person who can’t cycle that far without support. At Van Raam, we think that people who can stay mobile for a longer time are happier. We work every day to give people their mobility (back) and to enable them to cycle again, for example with an electric bicycle for adults or electric tricycles for kids. Read more about this in the article 'An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam'.
Electric Van Raam bikes with the original Van Raam pedal support system can cycle backwards. In this way, the user doesn’t have to get off the bike, the bike can easily be taken out of the parking position and because you don’t have to walk backwards with the bike, you can’t hurt yourself by the wheels either. You can also find out how the lighting works via the Van Raam electrical system in our article 'Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system'. With the backwards cycling function it is possible to just turn around or park the bike easily. This makes the bike more agile and also safer.
An electric tricycle has several advantages for the cyclist. With the help of the electric motor (or in other words the electric bike) you can withstand greater height differences or stronger headwinds, even though you are physically unable to move well or are less stable. Walking and cycling is healthy and is the least harmful to the environment compared to other means of transport. Especially for the elderly, cycling is often the most important way to go to sports, go shopping and see family and friends in every day life. Why cycling is healthy is explained in our article ‘10 reasons why cycling is healthy’
Besides the fact that cycling is healthy, it is also environmentally friendly and cheaper than the car or public transport. What’s more, you'll be on the road shorter and faster at your final destination. Cycling up to a distance of 5 kilometres is considered to be the fastest means of transport and in the city even up to 10 kilometres.
Electric walking bike is a treadmill on wheels
We’ve written about the latest in cargo bikes, electric bikes, and artsy bikes created for design shows. But this electric walking bike made us do a double take.
The Lopifit bike, by Dutch designer Bruin Bergmeester, is essentially a treadmill on a bike. A 350W Samsung lithium-Ion battery turns the treadmill while you walk, and the treadmill sits on a bike base that’s longer than usual. There’s also no seat—this is a walking-only affair. Bergmeester invented the bike four years ago; it recently began distribution in the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.
The battery generates enough power to get you 30-50 miles, a distance on par with many electric bikes used for commuting. And like a regular bike, riders choose the gear or speed they want, ranging from four to 17 miles per hour. According to Lopifit, this means that a person walking on the Lopifit will have speeds equal to or greater the other bike riders on the path.
The design of the bike is striking, with multiple color options on a powder-coated-steel frame. A display on the handlebars shows you the status of your battery, and you can use the back rack for storage. Though we haven’t yet tested the Lopifit, a potential downside is its weight: It comes in at a hefty 125 pounds.
There’s also the question of why exactly someone would prefer a treadmill-like walking bike over a regular bike—or simply walking. With a price of $2,495, it’s doubtful that the niche Lopifit will become a common sight on city streets. But, hey, for anyone who’s been dreaming of an electric walking bike—and you’re undoubtedly out there somewhere—this one’s for you.
What's the Difference Between Lithium and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries?
Batteries are an incredible resource of the modern-day, they power everything from cell phones, to wireless automatic vacuum cleaners, to all different types of cameras. There are numerous different varieties of battery which serve many different purposes, but two we hear about more than any are lithium and lithium-ion batteries. You might have had to make a decision in the past regarding these two different battery types, but do you really know what they are?
To get the most out of your batteries, it’s a good idea to have some knowledge about Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries which come in all shapes and sizes like 95Wh batteries and 190Wh batteries. We’ll explain everything you need to know about Lithium batteries and their Lithium-ion cousins, including how they work, what they’re made from, and even how to recycle your old used batteries. Then, we’ll lay out the important differences between Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries, so you can make an informed decision about which to use.
To understand the similarities and differences between Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries, you need a basic understanding of what constitutes a battery, and how they work. All batteries are made up of the same three basic components; the anode (negative - side), the cathode (positive + side), and some sort of electrolyte. When the cathode and anode of a battery are connected to an electrical circuit, a chemical reaction occurs between the anode and electrolyte.
Electrons flow through the circuit from the anode, and then enter back through the cathode and prompt another chemical reaction. These reactions continue until the materials are consumed, at which point no more electricity is produced by the battery. Both Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries produce portable electricity in this manner and can be used to power all sorts of different devices and electrical circuits. Batteries are incredibly useful components that allow us all sorts of luxuries, without them we would have to start cars by hand, and phones would still all be attached to the wall.
Lead-acid vs. Lithium Battery Comparison
Lead-acid batteries cost less up front, but they have a shorter lifespan and require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. Lithium batteries are much more expensive up front, but they are maintenance-free and have a longer lifespan to match their higher price tag. This article offers a side-by-side comparison of both options.
Welcome to our Solar 101 series! This article goes over a choice you’ll need to make if you buy a battery-based solar system, either to move off the grid or to add energy storage to your grid-connected home.
Specifically, we’re going to look at lead-acid vs. lithium-ion batteries — the two main battery types used for solar. Here’s the summary:
Lead-acid is a tried-and-true technology that costs less, but requires regular maintenance and doesn’t last as long.
Lithium is a premium battery technology with a longer lifespan and higher efficiency, but you’ll pay more money for the boost in performance.
Let’s go over the pros and cons of each option in more detail, and explain why you might choose one over the other for your system.
Lead-acid vs. Lithium Solar Batteries: The Basics
When you build a solar system, you have three main battery options:
Flooded Lead-Acid (FLA)
The distinguishing feature of FLA batteries is that the plates are submerged in water. These must be checked regularly and refilled every 1-3 months to keep them working properly.
Falling behind on upkeep can shorten the life of the batteries and void the warranty. FLA batteries also need to be installed in a ventilated enclosure to allow battery gases to escape.
Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA)
SLA batteries come in two types, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Gel, which have many similar properties. They require little to no maintenance and are spill-proof.
The key difference in AGM vs. gel batteries is that gel batteries tend to have lower charge rates and output. Gel batteries generally can’t handle as much charge current, which means they take longer to recharge and output less power.
Benefits Of An Electric Motorbike
Anyone who has been keeping up with the automobile industry knows that electric motorcycles are the way forward. Nearly all manufacturers are tinkering away at models that will create waves when launched. That doesn’t mean there aren’t already some worthy contenders on the market. One of the leading brands is Zero Motorcycles with a number of different models designed for different riding needs.
We at Crossroads Powersports are your local electric motorcycle dealer in Upper Darby, PA and we know what are the many advantages of owning one of these machines! Read on to learn more and when you want to check out electric motorcycles for sale in Philadelphia, PA or Wilmington, DE, get in touch with us to see our wide inventory!
1. Environmentally-Friendly
One of the main advantages of electric motorcycles is the fact that they use limited non-renewable fuel and don’t pump out a lot of harmful emissions. These bikes are designed to go easier on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Newer models will have recyclable batteries and the option to charge from a renewable power source, like the solar power source in your home.
2. Less Expenditure
Currently, electric motorcycles have higher sticker prices than their gas counterparts but they are more cost-effective in the long run. You’ll obviously save a lot of money by not needing fuel fill-ups. Apart from this, some governments are working to provide special incentive programs on their purchase price and taxes. If you have a renewable source of power, your savings will be even higher.
3. Easy Daily Commuting
These bikes are often more lightweight and easier to ride, so you reach your destination feeling upbeat instead of being tired and sweaty. It’s also much easier to park these sleek beasts and zip through traffic instead of waiting around. Electric motorcycles are designed with regenerative braking, which means they’ll recharge the battery while you drive around to your heart’s content.
4. Less Noise
Some riders will talk about how much they love the roar of their bikes, but you have to admit that it can increase noise pollution and even end up annoying your neighbors and fellow commuters. If you like to listen to soft music as your ride, you can’t do that with a traditional model. Electric motorcycles are so quiet that some manufacturers actually add artificial sound to them just so others can hear you coming.
5. Low Maintenance
Another awesome benefit of electric motorcycles is that they do away with components like air filters, spark plugs, oil, and sometimes even gearboxes and clutches. With fewer parts to repair and maintain, you spend less time and money on service and repairs. Even the brake pads on electric motorbikes last longer because the machine does a lot of the braking. That means you get more fun and less hassle from your new bike.
6. Instant Torque
Electric vehicles are engineered to be fast. They hold the Pikes Peak hill climb record, not only for bikes, but also for cars! This is because of the instant 100% torque that provides rapid acceleration. The power delivery is so smooth and even that you don’t even get the surge feeling that you get when you accelerate on traditional bikes.
7. Good Health And Lifestyle
When you ride an electric motorcycle, you have the option of switching between using the motor and pedaling. This is a good exercise and can help you stay in shape. You can pedal when you like and switch to the motor when you get tired. Running errands on electric bikes is cheaper, easier and faster than using your motorcycle or car.
These are just some of the advantages of owning one of these vehicles. As manufacturers keep competing to outdo each other, this list is sure to grow! To find out more or to check out electric motorcycles for sale (including Zero motorcycles) in Upper Darby, PA, contact Crossroads Powersports and one of our friendly staff will gladly help you out. We’re proud to be the preferred electric motorcycle dealer for Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE!

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