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  4 Wheel Excavator suppliers
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:24 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Since 1990, we put the first 5.5tons 360 掳 full rotation wheel hydraulic excavator in market and got the good feedback. After continuous efforts, we are leading manufacturer of construction machinery in between of 5.5~10 tons wheel and crawler hydraulic excavator in China.
In 2014, the new plant area expanded to 40,000 square meters. We established a team of development, management and production. Main in services offered throughout the product life cycle, technology and product expertise, providing exceptional value to help our customers succeed.
We use the world's state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment, the CNC gantry machining center, robot welding systems, robot spray paint systems and etc., realizing full automation in production process of blanking cutting, assembly welding, NC machining and surface coating for mainframe structural components. The standard production process strictly conforms to the national standards and quality control and assurance systems so as to ensure product quality to reach or go beyond relevant national standards.
"Helping our customers build a better world 鈥?making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent"- It is our goal.
Our Product
1銆丆rawler excavator
2銆乄heel excavator
3銆丼pare parts
Production Market
23 provinces in China.
Our Service
1. Providing technology and product expertise;
2. Free warranty of a half year from the date you bought;
3. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will give you the most appropriate help or advice as soon as possible.4 Wheel Excavator suppliers

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  Cheap plastic shoe cover
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:21 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Our History
Our company was established in 2003,covers on area of 10,000 square meters.
Our Factory
Hubei Fanyu Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of disposable medical and protective products,located in Xitantao City of Hubei Province,which is known as the "Capital of Non-woen Products in China".
Our Product
Main products include:
Masks: Non-woven face mask, paper face mask, active-carbon face mask, FFP2 Dust Mask
Caps: Bouffant caps, clip caps, snood caps, doctor caps, nylon mesh cap, PE shower cap, Chef cap
Shoe cover: PE/CPE shoe cover(boot cover), Non-woven shoe cover(boot cover)
Oversleeve: PE/Non-woven oversleeve
Clothing: Coverall, isolation gown, surgical gown, lab coat, rain coat, visitor coats, CPE gowns, scrub suit
Others: Beard cover,pillow case, bed sheet, apron
All our products meet the high levels of quality demand and conform to worldwide.
Product Application
Our products are used for workshop, bioclean room, lab, hospital, daily life, dust-free plant, food industry and personal protective.
Production Equipment
Full-Automatic machine for face mask, shoe cover, sleeve cover and caps, Sewing machine, Ultrasonic thermal bonding machine and Film blowing machine.
Production Market
North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania Afirca and Middle East Area.
Our Service
There are professional group for pre-sale,in-sale and after-sales service, let's keep win-win cooperation, waiting for your enquiry and news.Cheap plastic shoe cover

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  Corrugated Cardboard Production Line factory
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:19 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

High speed 1/3/5/7 ply layer corrugated cardboard production line
Keywords: ply corrugated prodcuction line, ply corrugated cardboard prodcuction line, layer corrugated prodcuction line, layer corrugated cardbaord prodcuction line, carton corrugated prodcuction line
Product Description
Ply corrugated prodcuction line
Complete Set
Electric Mill Roll Stand
Ply corrugated cardboard prodcuction line
1,Symmetrical structure, which can be installed at the same time two bundle of paper tube; The use of electric drive to complete base paper clamping, lifting, loosen, moving in and around translational action.
2,Working Width:1600mm.
3,Maximum Reel Paper: 1400x1600mm.
4,Minimum Reel Paper::400x800mm.
Maximum Bearing Of Single Side:2000kg.
6,Penumatic brake set.
7,ectrical components are centralized control, button action.
8, travel switch control range.
9, friction slices pre-tightening force control lifting weight.
10.One main motor, power 2.2 kw, each arm power 1.5 kw脳4
Absorb Single Facer
Layer corrugated prodcuction line
1.It adopts cover-type structure, with high pressure blower and suction silencer device.Air supply and the electrical cabinet focused on the same operation from hosts not less than 1.5 m.
2.Frame and panel wall with cast iron structure, wall thickness of 130mm.Main drive with built-in oil filled gearbox transmission.
3. Corrugated roller made of 48CrMo alloy steel, quenched and tempered, medium-frequency quenching, surface grinding, Corrugating roller diameter DIA 268mm of surface hardness HRC58 or more (service life not less than Locke millions running metres, corrugated roller finished wall thickness of about 55mm, repairs twice) critical parts such as rollers, pressure rollers wafangdian bearing high temperature bearings.
4.Pressure roller DIA 270mm, surface grinding and chrome-plating process, the cylinder control pressure, material for carbon steel, 45th, quenching and tempering (with device).(Finished wall thickness of about 55mm)
5.Gluing wall plate armed structure, pneumatic controls, glue roller 25 line pits dot the surface processing ,after the hard chromium plating process, squeegee roller surface hard chromium plating grinding.
6.Corrugating roller, pressure roller and raw materials provided by the Zhongyuan special steel, corrugated rolls for 0.10 , high pressure roller for 0.075.being with the positioning device
7.Clamping cylinder adopts 160mm
8.pre-heating roller adopts two bars of seamless steel pipe named as 240mm and 270mm, which is originated from Tian Gang .
Conveyor Bridge
Layer corrugated cardbaord prodcuction line

1.this part is connected with 20#channel iron , 16#beam,63#angle steel total length is 10 meter
2.attached paper hanger , and Synchronously running with the corrugated machine
3.attached with security Barricade for 1 set(1 inch tube) , ladder for 1 set(made of 1 inch welded tube,width for 600mm)
4.Electric correction, it will be glutted when it gets adsorption
5.That Spreading 12 PCT on conveyor bridge plate, thickness of 10MM
6.Double preheating and gluing the bridge sidewalks , make it connected .
Dual Pre-Heating Device
1.Heating roller 2 - 600mm, and adopts Q235B container board .
2.Heating roller electric switch point, adjust the range between 60-270 degree.
3.It is processed with scrubbing eletro-plating,which is smooth and durable
4.all of the thickness of the pre-heating roll reaches at12mm or more .
Gluing Machine
1.Gluing roller with its surfaces pitted Anilox, hard chrome plating, gelatinize for durability.
2.Squeegee grinding roll with its surface processed with hard chrome plating.
3. The rest of the leading paper with its surface getting hard chromium plated.
4.pressure roller adopts pneumatic lifting and dropping
5.,manually adjusting the amount of gluey , electrically supply the gluey
6.gluing roller240mm,pressure roller 130mm,Squeegee roller 110mm,pre-heating roller270mm
7.it is with invertor motor , and computerized tracking and synchronously running with the double facer.
Double Facer
Carton corrugated prodcuction line
1.the wide of heating plate is 600mm , divided into 9 blocks.Q235B container processing , polishing plate for more than 20mm on the heating plate, side plate is 16mm. 4.5 metres. Cold-ing part is 4.5m.
2.Heating plate distributor controlled by three cross- sections with pressure displaying .
3.it adopts the intensive press roller on the heating plate , the distance between the pressure roller is 150-180mm and electric lifting roller, pressure roller diameter DIA is 70mm, thickness of 6.5mm, bob-weight processing ;the cooling section adopts intensive pressure Roller, the distance between the pressure roller is 200mm .diameter of the roller is 70mm, thickness of 6.5mm, bob-weight processing .
4.it adopts domestic quality cotton compounded belt, service life over three years.
5. Upper paper feeding tensioner system for 1 set
6. For the Direction correction on the upper conveyor belt, it adopts the manual way.
7.the under conveyor belt tensioner for 1 set, and manual way
8.the upper roller as 536mm for the driving part, and Spiral grooving for the outside process ,as to boost the friction
9. The under part of its roller as 536mm , on the driving part, also as spiraling grooving for boosting the friction.
10.t feeding conveyor belt with the leading roller: 290mm,240mm,each
The main structure adopts 28#channel iron
12.Transmission part adopts oil-soaked Gearbox transmission on the outside.
13.Pipe flange connection , all gaskets adopts graphite.
Thin Blade Slitter And Scorer
1.thin tungsten steel alloy blade made of high quality, razor sharp, and long service life.After cutting board edge finishing, no Burr, no squashed, and good linearity, cardboard quality is greatly improved.
2.beautiful creasing shape , easily fold.
3.Sharpening devices equipped with manual and pneumatic grinding of two ways, and grinding on the side to improve efficiency.
4.Increasing electric transversal features electric deviation, simple operation.
5.Electrical domestic brands or imported products, reliable performance.
6.while the running of synchronizing wheel and belt , it turns out low noise , long service life.
Computerized Transverse Cutting Machine
1. Motor driving control adopts the german brand kobe. Displaying with touched screen
2.cutting length:500-9999mm
3.cutting precision:卤1mm
4.auto feeding exchanger, storing order reaches at 200.
5.the transverse blade adopts inlaid front steel type, free of fixing for about half year .
6.the delivering gear adopts air-hardening , tightly installed .
7.the related axle is tightly sealed , no any leaking of the oil.
Paper Delivery Belt
1.it is controlled by convertor motor , can be linked to operating with transverse cutting machine
2.to realize the stacker as shuttered style
3.delivering with the whole belt, to reduce the damage of the paper board
Factory ShowCorrugated Cardboard Production Line factory

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  Copper Rigid PCB suppliers
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:17 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Car headlight copper circuit board
Printed circuit boards are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components through conductive paths, traces or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated to non-conductive substrates.
In the cost comparison, copper PCB is more expensive than FR4 and has superior performance.
The thermally conductive dielectric material of the copper PCB is a thermal bridge connecting the components and the metal plate. It can automatically transfer heat to the radiator through the magnetic core. Copper back PCB is assembled with copper back, high thermal conductivity dielectric layer and standard circuit layer. The circuit layer is a thin PCB bonded with a copper backplane. For FR4 PCB, it uses normal processing methods: drilling, milling, v-notch, and counterbore. Therefore, it requires an additional heat sink to conduct the heat in the circuit layer. Otherwise it will potentially destroy the hot spot.
For car headlights, we generally choose copper pcb because copper has good thermal conductivity, no foaming and stratification at a high temperature of 280鈩? high pressure resistance, no additional radiator, greatly reduced volume, and improved mechanical processing performance.
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in PCB and FPC. And we trade our products with our clients directly.
Q: Can you do OEM and ODM?
A: Yes, we can accept OEM and ODM. Before we sign the contract, we will confirm all the details with you.
Q: How many packaging do you have?
A: We have five packages including PE bag/Anti-static bag,Foam, colorful box, white box and carton currently.
Q: Can you do our own packaging?
A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.
Q: How many different types of products your company manufactures?
A: Now we have more than 1,000 products. We have a strong advantage of OEM, just give us the actual products or your idea that you want, we will manufacture for you.
Q: When can I get the price?
A: Usually we quote within 8 hours after we get your inquiry.
Q: What's car headlight PCB MOQ?
A: Can accept 1pcs sample order for start, after sample test, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer's exact situation.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: For small quantities order, it takes 3-5 working days, door to door, 8-12 working days by air. Big quantities, 30-45 days, by sea.
Q: Do you provide sample ? Is it free?
A: We have free sample policy.
Q: Which payment form you can accept?
A: T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc. We accept any convenient and swift payment term.Copper Rigid PCB suppliers

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  Customized Nylon Waterproof Travel Bag
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:16 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Our History
With more than 10 years experience of exporting business, we are speicalized in all kinds of bags, such as cosmetic bag,toiletry bag,diaper bag,ladies handbag,school bag,outdoor backpack, travel bag,cooler bags,waist bag, ,pet bag etc.which usually made from reusable or recyclable materials, such as RPET polyester, GRS certificated etc. We provides OEM/ODM service, customer design are welcome too.Our products are sold worldwide,such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia and so on.The delivery time usually 25~30 days.Our factory obtained BSCI certificate also, we always want to make innovative, creative, fashionable and beautiful products with competitive prices, and good services to our customers.
Our Factory
Our factory BSCI, GOTS,GRS,TC certifcates, our factory has a long history of making all kinds of bags, with skilled workers, high quality controlling system, and management, and engaged in production of a variety of bags including backpack/ cooler bag/ shoulder bag/ travelling bag/ and pet bag. The main products are laptop bag, document bag, drawstring bag, folding bag,as well as waist bag. According to different regions, different customers,different quality requirements, different price requirements, we provides a wide range of materials. The main material includes nylon, PVC,PV,polyester canvas and cotton meet the eco friendly standard material ,Each one has 10 years experiences of designing and researching in bags industry. There are 7 production lines with professional workers, which can make sure fast delivery. We have 2 times QC inspection rigidly to make sure great quality.And OEM or ODM is acceptable.With 10 years of experience in the design and development for foreign enterprise we are able to provide professional services.
Our Product
Messenger bag, handbag,evening bag,cosmetic bag,backpack,travel and gym bag, waist bag,cooler and lunch bag, mummy bag, shopping bags
Product Application
For shopping, sporting, travelling, hiking,leisure, promotion, packing, storage, picnic,
Our Certificate
Production Market
North America, south America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Japan and South Korea, Asian market
Our Service
we can offer creative design service budget suggestion, samples design and making, we offer quality claim, and good service after saleCustomized Nylon Waterproof Travel Bag

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  N95/KN95/FFP2 Face Mask quotation
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:15 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Our Factory
Zhejiang Xiuyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2020, investing 50 million RMB to build a 100,000-level purification workshop with 2000 m2, 1000 square meters office R & D Center at Shenzhen City,several automatic production lines, and employing a number of senior medical professor to build a professional medical team.Now, we mainly produces disposable masks for civil use, medical masks, children masks and KN95 masks.Medical instruments of class I and ii, such as oxygen meters and blood pressure meters, has passed CE,FDA certification, and the export white list of medical supplies.The company plans to invest 500 million RMB in the next five years to build an intelligent medical science and technology park of 40,000 square meters in North White Elephant, Wenzhou.Including high-end technology research and development center, new type of medical purification workshop, fully automated production line.         
Our Product
Disposable medical masks, disposable civilian masks, KN95 masks, FFP2 masks
Product Application
Anti-smog,anti-dust,anti-droplets, Reduces the likelihood of infection.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Multiple automatic production lines for masks, self-built advanced laboratories, including bacteria filtration efficiency machine, particle filtration efficiency tester, respiratory resistance tester, tensile tester, etc.
Production Market
Our main customers锛欱OE,AOI,AOC锛孎oxconn,Samsung,Midea,TCL,SONY,Wistron
Our Service
Strong ODM and OEM capabilities, free samples, strong production capacity and rapid delivery capabilitiesN95/KN95/FFP2 Face Mask quotation

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  Wholesale Disposable Fresh Tray
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:13 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

About Us
Zhejiang Xiulong Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, in the center of the economically developed Yangtze River Delta. The company is specialized in the design, production and sales of blister packaging (plastic vacuum forming), sheet printing and thermal transfer printing products. The company covers an area of 21,000 m2, including 1500 m2 of 100,000 grade clean workshop, 3800 m2 of dust-free workshop, and 1500 m2 of electronic blister packaging workshop.The company has over 200 employees, with about 50 middle and senior level management personnel. With several years of development and innovation, the company has established a staff of professional technical designers and an elite team. It keeps pursuing quality products, promises satisfactory service, constantly explores, and strictly supervises quality inspection in all the production procedures, so as to ensure the production of high-quality blister packaging products, satisfy the customers' needs, and work together with the customers to win success.The company provides blister products and packaging solutions for the world's top 500 enterprises, and its current partners include: Wrigley, Hylanda, Ganso, EOS, L'Oreal, LG, Samsung, Philips, etc.
Our Partner
Our Product
Meal Box Series; Frozen Box Series, Drink Cup Series, Spot Printing, Candy Box Series, Cosmetic packaging, Electronic packaging, Mask Series
Production Equipment
12 fully automatic advanced blister machines,
13 automatic cup making machine
High-speed P P, P S extrusion line
Multifunctional extruder
8 fully automatic mask production lines
Production Market
The company provides blister products and packaging solutions for the world's top 500 enterprises, and its current partners include: Wrigley, Hylanda, Ganso, EOS, L'Oreal, LG, Samsung, Philips, etc.Wholesale Disposable Fresh Tray

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  artificial marble dining table price
Yazar: adsthumm - 03-29-2021, 06:11 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Our History
Huizhou Xinyi Hardware Co., Ltd has been focusing on high-quality household hardware and grill products in China for more than 20 years. We started as a small company, but now we have become one of the leading suppliers in the Chinese industry.
Huizhou Xinyi Hardware Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, China. Mainly produce grill cabinets, acrylic display racks and other household hardware products, etc. Our company's aim is "customer first, quality first". Welcome to contact us, and our experienced sales team will be at your inquiries China attaches great importance to it and provides assistance with professional assistance.
Our Product
Products includes the following:
1. Acrylic display stand
2. Vending machine
3. Grill
4. Chassis cabinet
5. Household hardware
We provide household hardware products to companies all over the world. We support customers to customize with drawings. We can provide you with cheaper prices and more diverse products.
Our Service
We support OEM, ODM, quality first, service first is our company philosophy. Providing customers with quality products and quality services is our goal. Timeliness, effectiveness, and professionalism are our attitude, so that every customer has a pleasant shopping experience.
1. Your inquiry will be answered within 12 hours.
2. Well-trained and experienced sales staff can answer your inquiries in English.
3. The email will be replied within 2 hours during working hours
4. OEM and ODM projects are welcome. We have a strong R&D team.
5. The order will be made strictly in accordance with the order details and verified samples. Our quality inspectors will submit an inspection report before shipment.
6. Your business relationship with us will be kept confidential from any third party.
7. Good after-sales service.
artificial marble dining table price

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  Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&D Co., Ltd
Yazar: lyy150a - 03-23-2021, 08:30 AM - Forum: Genel Konular - Yorum Yok

Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&D Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is located in Baixiang Town Industrial Zone, Qinyang City, Henan Province. It specializes in the research and development and sales of bait boats. It has a 1,000-square-meter factory and has 26 researchers and management personnel. More than 100 employees. The company's goal is to adopt safe and practical designs, design advanced production and inspection equipment, and continuously improve manufacturing and a reputable business philosophy. Based on the principle of customer-centric and market demand-oriented. We have an independent brand, and the haoyazhi logo has been registered in 2010. In addition, we have been authorized in 2009, and our patent number is ZL2008 2 0148697.7. Of course, we are good at making bait boats according to the customer requirements. To be honest, our products have been exported to many countries. We will provide top quality products with reasonable prices, timely delivery and considerate service. Our company guarantee: reasonable price, short production time and satisfactory after-sales service. Common development and mutual benefit! Help anglers catch big fish easier. Our main products:Bait boat, bait boat with GPS,Bait boat with sonar fish finder,bait boat with autopilot. Welcome to contact with us.

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  Mi 9 Global Stock ROM (Recovery & Fastboot) Yükleme Rehberi ( MIUI 12 )
Yazar: burakorhan - 07-14-2020, 04:54 PM - Forum: Stock ve Custom ROM Paylaşımları - Yorum Yok

Herkese merhaba,
Bu konuda Mi 9 cihazlarımıza nasıl stock (fabrika) yazılımı yükleyebiliriz bunu anlatacağım.
Öncelikle yükleme yapabilmek için cihazın Bootloader kilidinin açık olması gerekmektedir. 
Bootloader kilidinin nasıl açıldığını öğrenmek istiyorsanız tıklayın. 

Bootloader kilidinizi açtıysanız sırayla işlemleri yapabiliriz.

Cihaz içerisinden tüm bilgilerinizi alıp yedekledikten sonra Fastboot üzerinden yüklemek istiyorsanız indirip hazır etmeniz gereken iki dosya var.

 Fastboot ROM;

Çin sürümlerinde Türkçe olmadığı için konuya eklemiyorum, bu sebeple zaten tercih eden kişi sayısı da düşük oluyor.

ADB Platform Tools: Platform Tools

Yukarıdaki dosyayı ve ADB Platform Tools'u bilgisayarınıza indirip, *.zip'lerin içeriğini C:\'de bir klasöre ayıklayın.


Cihazımızı aynı bootloader kilidi açılışında yaptığımız gibi tamamen kapatıyoruz. 
Ses kısma tuşuna basılı tutarak USB kablomuzu bilgisayara takıyoruz.
Cihazımızın ekranında şapkalı tavşan ve Fastboot yazısı geldiğinde elimizi ses kısma tuşundan çekebiliriz.
Bilgisayarın cihazı tanıyıp sürücülerini yükleyebilmesi için yaklaşık 1 dk bekleyin.
Genelde Windows 10 cihazlar otomatik olarak Fastboot sürücülerini Windows Update kütüphanesinden çekip yükler.
Beklemekten sıkıldıysanız Aygıt Yöneticisi'ne girip sürücüyü siz de tanıtabilirsiniz.
Cihazımız ve bilgisayarımızın eşleştiğini Aygıt Yöneticisi'nden görebiliriz.
Her şey bittikten sonra ayıklama ve birleştirme yaptığımız klasörün içindeki flash_all.bat'ı çalıştırıp yükleme işleminin bitmesini bekliyoruz.
İşlem bittiğinde penceremiz otomatik olarak kapanacak ve cihazımız da otomatik olarak açılacaktır.
Güle güle kullanın smile.png 

Mi Flash programını kullanırken bazı sıkıntılar yaşayabilirsiniz. Yanlışlıkla yanlış seçim yaparsanız yükleme esnasında bootloader kilidinizi tekrar kapatabilirsiniz ve bu yanlış dosya yükleme işleminden sonra kilidi kapatacağı için bir daha asla cihaza müdahale edemeyeceğiniz anlamına gelir. Bu nedenle en temiz yükleme şekli budur.

TWRP Recovery üzerinden yükleme yapmak istiyorum?
Evet, TWRP Recovery'e sahipseniz bu modifiye edilmiş kurtarıcı menüsü üzerinden de yükleme yapabilirsiniz. Xiaomi'nin çoğu modelinin orjinal yazılımları modifiye edilmiş kurtarıcı menülerinden yüklemeyi destekler.

TWRP Recovery Install Version: MIUI 12 TWRP Version

TWRP menüsünü açtıktan sonra Wipe butonu aracılığıyla Format Data'ya ulaşın ve tıklayın. 
Açılan klavyeden yes yazın ve hemen sağ alt köşedeki mavi tik işaretine tıklayın.
Böylelikle cihaz içini temizlemiş olduk.
Şimdi indirdiğimiz *.zip'i cihazın hafızasının ana dizinine atalım. 
TWRP menüsünde Install butonuna tıklayıp karşımıza gelen listede cihazın hafızasına attığımız *.zip dosyasını seçip ekranda beliren okları sağa doğru kaydırıyoruz yani onaylıyoruz.
Yükleme işlemi bittikten sonra Reboot System tıklayıp cihazı açabilirsiniz.
Güle güle kullanın smile.png 

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